Thursday, 18 November 2010

Crude Milk Pecorino

Yesterday in the supermarket I found a piece of mature pecorino cheese on offer. What attracted my attention was that it was made from “latte crudo”, unpasteurized milk. In Italy farmers after years of lobbing have been allowed to sell unpasteurised milk directly to the public with the blessing of the local and EU bureaucracy. Consumers can buy this milk from dispensers placed in strategic places. They just need to bring a bottle and a few coins.

The raw milk pecorino cheese tastes completely different to a pasteurised ewe's milk cheese. It is sweeter and has got a rounder taste. A chunk of the cheese with a slice of  wholemeal bread made a perfect lunch. I craved for half a glass of red wine to top it off but had to work and also drive in the afternoon so I will test that combination another time.

In this area some people eat pecorino with a spot of chestnut honey, which is produced locally.  The strong smoky taste of the honey brings out the true flavour of the cheese. I didn’t have honey either with me.
It has been raining for the last few days but yesterday there was a gap between  two low pressure systems. It was sunny and warm and Nature looked cheerful again.

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