Friday, 6 August 2010

About Me

My name is Enzo (actually my full first name is Vincenzo). I decided to write this blog to share my passion for food.
I was born and brought up in Naples, Southern Italy. I left home at 18 and went globetrotting for several years. Some years ago I returned to Italy with my English wife and our daughter and we settled in Northwestern Tuscany, a very beautiful part of the world with amazing food.

During my years in Naples I was deeply immersed in the Neapolitan food tradition. I remember never ending Sunday meals with ten or more courses, great conversation and laughter. But not only nostalgia will play a part in my blog. I’ve always been curious about food, wherever I was. I’m also researching old cooking and food preparation techniques especially in Italy. You will be surprised but some of them, still in use, go back to classical times or even to prehistoric epochs.
I am not a formally trained chef but  I’ve always cooked and been passionate about food.

I called this blog Lemons and Olives because these two fruits sum up my roots in food: Naples, whose coastline is dotted with lemon groves, and Tuscany where some of the finest olive oil is produced and I make a small amount of it myself for family consumption.

I hope you readers will enjoy my blog.

Enzo Cammarota


  1. It looks like this blog will be fun

  2. I love Italian Food! I can't wait to read more new posts!

  3. Researching traditional Italian food sounds very interesting. I look foward to reading your recepies.